How your choice of EHR can make or break your practice

Today's patients are engaged and connected. They want a doctor that they can easily connect with, at any time, through any medium. Choose an EHR where telehealth and patient engagement are core to the product, not just afterthoughts.

Posted by Sharud Agarwal on 2019-07-11

An electronic health record is not just a tool for you, as the doctor or provider, to use to record your patient encounters. It is a tool that augments and initiates the patient-doctor relationship and interaction. Patients are just as affected by your choice of EMR as you are and as such, you should choose the best electronic health record for your patients as well as for yourself. Happy and satisfied patients will spread the word for you about your practice and help you grow organically.

Connect to patients however they need

People today have been trained by the various consumer tech companies out there to expect service and products on-demand, on their phone, and with a simple interface. Imagine what Amazon would be if it required its customers to call to place orders of their products. What if you had to pick up your Amazon packages from its warehouses instead of it coming directly to you? People's expectations are raised, and we need to be honest about how people want their healthcare. Just because its a health service doesn't make it any different. You need to be able to deliver your services at the click of a button and through virtual and in-person visits. Don't let a lack of modern technology be the reason you are unable to attract more patients to your practice. Even today, as big as Amazon is, people still talk about how much they love the convenience and tell their friends to get a Prime membership. Don't you want that kind of word-of-mouth marketing for your practice? Your patients will spread the word about how convenient and simple your practice is if you offer them this same instant gratification. Your EHR is the center of all this. Choose correctly and it can pay dividends for you even outside of just ease of charting. Would you rather your patients see this when they try to schedule an appointment?

Or would you rather them see this?

Your choice of EHR matters, not just for your workflow, but for your patients as well. Akute Health is the best electronic health record for patient engagement because it has been designed from the ground up for direct primary care with a focus on mobile and patient engagement.

Offer telehealth as standard practice, not one-off interactions

Going back to the Amazon example. Traditional retail has been completely transformed by Amazon. Retailers kept being ignorant to the changes, rationalizing that people rather be able to touch and see products before buying. Now, those same retailers are struggling to keep up and offering Amazon-like services out of desperation. Telehealth is going to transform healthcare. The reason it hasn't yet caught on is because of the patient-doctor relationship. As we know it today, telehealth is a visit with a random doctor who doesn't know the patient and will never see that patient again. Direct primary care has the chance to change that, into a virtual visit with a doctor that patients already know and trust. This is similar to e-commerce brands, such as Warby Parker, Casper, and even Amazon, starting their own physical retail shops. People want a brand they can trust, and they want to be able to access that product or service through any and all mediums. Telehealth should be a core part of your EHR, and it is not just about text and email. Your patients should be able to schedule a video visit or a phone call as easily as an in-person visit and those visits should be treated no less important than in-person visits. When you make telehealth a core part of your service, patients will start to love you and your brand, and start to spread that to their friends without you even knowing. Akute Health is the only EHR that has telehealth built-in as a core feature, and not just an afterthought or an integration with another app that causes patients to have to use multiple apps to interact with you.

Your choice of EHR can make a huge difference in the performance of your practice. It is not just about what you need, but also about what your patients need. Akute Health is going to help you grow your practice organically because it is the best electronic health record for doctors and for patients. Check it out and request a demo by emailing us at