The EHR You Always Wanted

The only EHR designed for the doctor-patient relationship. Made for direct care & DPC doctors.

No credit card required


Modern EMR

Less screen time, more patient time. Fast, beautiful, and simple. Works seamlessly on all your devices, including your phone.


E-prescribe and refill directly from the EHR. No need to open another app or re-enter the patient information.


Unlimited templates

Create as many note templates as you want. Choose a template when creating a note and edit it from there.

Free-hand notes & structured data

Complete your notes any way you wish with free-hand textboxes. Optionally use slash commands to structure the data, autopopulate to/from the chart, and add ICD-10 codes.



Get more patients into your practice and reduce overhead with mobile friendly appointment scheduling directly from your website.

Goal Management

Patients sign up for DPC because of the relationship they get with you. Foster strong relationships with your patients by making their goals the forefront of the experience. We are the only EMR to support a patient's goals.


Team Collaboration

No more tasks falling through the cracks. Collaboration tools built-in to help you manage your tasks. @ Mention your colleagues to send them a task directly within the EHR.

Data Security

Our EMR and processes are all HIPAA compliant. We use advanced encryption standards to encrypt data at rest and in transit.