EHR Systems for Direct Primary Care Providers

Fast charting, streamlined patient communication, e-prescribe, & in-house dispensing. Built to scale, be interoperable, and... fast charting.

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Fast charting

The promise of electronic charting realized. Autocomplete official diagnoses, labs, and medications as recognized by standards organizations, without the hastle of insurance coding.

Streamlined patient communication

All communications in one place while letting patients choose their preferred method to engage.

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E-prescribe w/ real-time patient cost data

Real-time insurance data for a patient's out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions before sending them to the pharmacy. Peace of mind for your patients knowing that you are trying to save them money.

In-house medication dispensing

Print labels, check drug interactions, and electronic medication guidelines for your patients.

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Electronic patient forms

Patients can fill out forms faster and more accurately from their own devices. Instantly and automatically imported into your EHR.

Data security is the first priority

All our processes are HIPAA compliant. We use advanced encryption standards to encrypt data at rest and at transit.