14 day free trial! Simple, monthly pricing. We grow as you grow.

$0.50/active patient/month
$50/mo minimum

  • All features
  • Unlimited usage
  • eRx + EPCS
  • Hint Integration
  • Fully encrypted and HIPAA compliant
  • Live customer support


Is there a minimum cost?

We charge a $50/month minimum to help us offset the costs of e-prescribing. We want to support you from the very beginning of your practice. This means, you will pay $50/mo until you have 101 patients.

Do you allow for EPCS?

Coming summer 2020

Yes; we do charge an extra $15/mo for this feature.

What is considered an active patient?

Any unique patient who you have billed in the past month. We get this information from your practice management system, usually Hint, or you can manage this directly in the EHR.

Why price by active patient?

We want to support you as your practice grows. By charging per active patient, we can offer a low cost solution while you are in the early stages while also being incentivized to help you grow. Alignment of incentives are good in all businesses, not just healthcare :)

Can I import records from my previous EHR to Akute Health?

Contact us at and we will help you from there.

How does the free trial work?

You can use the EHR, HIPAA compliant, for free for 14 days except for e-prescribing. If you want e-prescribe, you're free trial will end due to our fixed costs for e-prescribers.